eQuid is building a network.
Our network uses innovative digital currency
technology and money systems to create
jobs by investing in human and natural resources.

What Account Reps Do

Account Rep First Steps

  • Sign up as a rep in the directory
  • Sign us to the Facebook group
  • Sign up at Slack
  • Sign up at Skype
  • Connect with the google docs
  • Start your social media and email campaign
  • Start going to meetups with the presentation
  • Start getting it out there however you can.
  • Send in a list of new sign ups weekly with the pledge amounts
  • Send in a list of pledge increases
  • Send the total pledge amount of all your accounts
  • Reach out to employees and vendors of the businesses you sign up
  • Organize promotions with local businesses
  • Sell your eQuid to local users who want to take advantage of the promotions

If you like the idea of this but aren’t ready to commit yet please sign up to receive the email newsletter so you can watch our progress.