Affiliated Coins

All eQuid affiliated Tokens have a few things in common.

  1. They do something that is good for people or good for the planet or both.
  2. They are earned into existence.
  3. They meet a minimum user threshold to get and stay in the network.
  4. Each currency has a mandate defining its purpose and goals.




eQuid will enable the creation of multiple digital currencies, each with its own set of goals and run by a separate organization. End users can choose the digital currencies they want to accept based on their values or they can drop digital currencies if they no longer trust the currency creator.

eQuid’s role will be to build a secure trading platform with an easy and simple system for peer-to-peer transactions. We will be responsible for monitoring the participating coin creators.

Since currency only retains value if it can be widely spent, eQuid will establish a minimum number of users each currency must maintain to stay in business. If the popularity of a currency dwindles, the currency creator’s license to participate will be revoked.

eQuid is not in the business of creating currencies, but to kick off the new system, we are initiating a handful to get the ball rolling. The following types of coins illustrate how would the system would work. Each one is somewhat analogous to current financial products like stocks, grants, and insurance.



Affiliated Coins Coming Soon

eQuid: Coin:  Build and maintain a network of individuals and businesses who accept eQuid and eQuid affiliated coins as payment. Provide easy methods for transactions and ensure they are secure.  Offer customer support for all token holders.  Be a market maker when needed to ensure transactions between members with dissimilar coins is fast and efficient. The maximum number of eQuid that can be earned into existence is 100 million.  This is earned into circulation to build the network.  Before this is reached and once the network is big enough, maintaining the network will be paid for from transaction fees, membership fees or both.

REIF Coin.  This coin is 100% backed by real estate.  New coin is issued based on real estate in our portfolio.  A book value for the token is calculated by dividing the value of the real estate by the number of issued tokens.  The book value increases when the value of the real estate increases through development or rising prices.

 Cyber Security Coin:  The purpose of this coin is to fund projects to stop cyber crime.  The quantity is limited by the number of people who can effectively do this and by the number of criminals who are caught and stopped.  It will also be based on the number of users in the network.  For x number of users Y amount of tokens can be created.

Crimes Against Humanity Coin:  This coin will be created to pay legal teams to go after companies and individuals who are inflicting damage and needless suffering to people and the planet. They will be sued and any winnings will be used to buy back the coin and fund counter measures of the damage inflicted.  The Quantity of tokens is limited by the number of lawyers who want to take on cases and by the number of individuals or businesses who are doing enough damage to warrant being sued.  It will also require support from the network through voting, and x number of members for Y amount that can be created.

Dental Coin: Purpose:  To provide unlimited dental care for an affordable set fee per month. The fees help fund the creation of the coin, but the purpose of the coin will be to cover the difference between the collected fees and the amount billed by dentists. This coin serves as an investment in human resources.  It is limited by the number of members and the number of dentists who participate.

Clean Water Coin: The Purpose of this coin is to fund the clean up and maintenance of our oceans, lakes and rivers. The tokens are earned into existence by project owners doing work to clean up and preserve this precious resource   The quantity is limited by the size of the network the labor force available to do the work.

Clean Earth Coin: The same as Clean Water Coin but focused on Clean and healthy soil

Clean Air Coin:  The Same as clean water coin

Clean Energy Coin:  The same as clean water coin with a focus on sustainable energy systems.

Fish Coin:  Focused on funding a clean sustainable supply of fish.

Health Care Coin: This coin is like Dental Coin in that it serves as an investment in human resources, . The payoff to society is healthier more productive work force workforce.

Job Skills Coin: The purpose of this coin is to provide paid job training.  This is aimed to help people to gain new skills and earn more money.  It also subsidizes the cost of training that can be costly and prohibitive for organizations. This coin will also create a more flexible work force for a rapidly changing job market.  It will give people less incentive o hang on to jobs that are automated or made obsolete. It is limited by the size of the network and the number of people who need to learn new job skills.

Superhighway Coin: The purpose of this coin is to fund the future of transportation. This is an example of infrastructure we can build if we have the money to mobilize resources. We have the technology and resources to build a road and vehicles that get people where we want to go very quickly and with no pollution. the coin is limited by the cost to build the structure.  Fees will be charged to maintain and improve the road once it is in use.

Coin Operators: Coins are managed by coin operators.  This group of individuals establishes the mandate for the coin.  They also fund project owners who are doing the work to achieve the coin’s mandate.  It is also the job of coin operators to monitor the work done by the project owners to verify they are doing what they say they will do before more funds are released.

Project Owners:  These are the organizations or individual who undertake the projects that fulfill the mandate of the coins they are being funded by.  Project owners can apply from a list of projects the coin has posted or they can suggest their own project and seek network approval.  Project owners must meet their stated goals to continue being funded or to start new projects.