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The first digital currency earned into existence rather than mined.  Controlling the currency quantity and injecting into the economy through labor will fund infrastructure projects, healthcare, education, and planet care.

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Digital Currency Wallet with a Twist

In our informative site, you will find out what we mean by digital currency wallet with a twist.  Below is a bit of information from our white paper.  Here we introduce the concept of a digital currency wallet with a twist.  You can read the full white paper by clicking here.

Executive Summary

The world economy is stagnating as humanity reaches the limits of capitalism to create wealth and income equality. Despite developing the technology to do incredible things in transportation, health care, communication and energy, we are no longer seeing measurable digital currency wallet with a twistimprovements in the quality of life for the average worker. Humanity faces a conundrum: How can we improve our quality of life while consuming less and decreasing our impact on the environment? The answers lie in our money system. Who creates money? How is the quantity controlled? And how does it get injected into the economy? The money system is ripe for disruption. So far, digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have begun to chip away at the seemingly untouchable monetary system, but they have not yet shaken the foundation. The underlying technology behind digital currencies, the blockchain, doesn’t represent a drastic shift from the current Automated Clearing House (ACH) system that all credit cards and debit cards currently rely on. Sure, the blockchain is more efficient than the ACH, but due to the way it is injected, it digital currency wallet with a twistdoesn’t stimulate the economy. eQuid provides a solution. The real power to initiate change lies in the way currency is created and injected into the economy. This is the nut at the very core of the eQuid mission. We provide a platform for new currencies with specific goals to seamlessly be injected into the economy through labor, resulting in job security and a healthier, cleaner planet. All we need is participation.