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Become an eQuid Account Representative and join the team with cryptocurrency.

Account reps are at the core of the eQuid Network.  Understanding eQuid and the benefits it can provide is not easy.  Account reps bridge this gap and help small businesses and individuals see what eQuid has to offer and help them get started.

The responsibilities of an account rep can vary when in comes to join the team with cryptocurrency, but the bottom line is they sign up new users and help them to make the most of what eQuid has to offer.

When we say,join the team with cryptocurrency, we mean that, representatives can generate leads using online marketing techniques with access to our library of marketing resources.  Or follow up on leads that are generated from the main eQuid marketing campaign.

The objective is to introduce and explain the eQuid network to new prospects , show them how to open an account and make a pledge.  A pledge is an agreement to accept a specific amount of eQuid per month.

As you think about if you should join the team with cryptocurrency, a real plus is account reps are assigned a territory where they live so they can choose to interact face to face with their clients.

A real bonus for you as you consider the benefits you will have when you join the team with cryptocurrency Compensation for Account reps is 50% of new pledges.

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You can join the club by sending an email to [email protected] or start right now by following the instructions below.

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